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Flugvermessung SVEGE Flugdienstleistungen GmbH

Next generation flight measurement system

Our services include assessing and calibration of:

  • Instrument landing systems CAT I, II and III, including DME and markers
  • Terminal and track navigation systems (D) VOR / DME, NDB and TACAN
  • GNSS systems for landing GBAS
  • Process assessment of arrival and departure procedures
  • RADAR systems
  • PAPI installations
  • Obstacle evaluation (planned)

In order to meet our own high standards and requirements we have chosen the latest generation measuring system of the German world market leader AERODATA AG

Our aircraft

VulcanAir AP68TP -

We have opted for a slightly smaller aircraft to our competitors. It is quiet and efficient, but one that meets all the technical requirements for our customers, providing a competitive alternative for our clients. The air speed compares to that of larger aircraft, enabling us to integrate with daily air traffic.

Year of construction: 2012
Length: 11,27 m
Wingspan: 12,00 m
Height: 3,63 m
Engines: 2 x Rolls Royce 250B17C
Power: 2 x 328 PS
Speed: 395 km/h
Ceiling 25.000 ft
Max. Load capacity 1.345 kg
Max. Starting weight 3.000 kg
Max. Landing weight 2.825 kg
Range: 1575 km
Max. Flight time: 4.0 std.

The measuring system

Our measuring system is a fully automatic and digitally equipped measuring system with the designation - Aerodata AD-AFIS 114.

This is the latest of its type and reflects the current high standards in terms of innovation, creativity and technical expertise in the area of ​​flight surveying. Manufacturer Aerodata is a German world market leader in the area of ​​flight surveying.

The measuring system is designed in such a way that it can be adapted as desired to future requirements. The antennas and sensors are integrated into the aircraft in such a way that they do not influence the primary avionics. In the cockpit is a display device, which at any time shows the pilot a flight path presentation. Thus, a reliable and traceable measurement is always ensured.

All data recorded during the flight is available in real-time. Thus, during each approach the technicians can make necessary corrections to the installations that are currently being tested.

Aerodata AD-AFIS 114v

We guarantee a professional and reliable service for the German regional airports.